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My Story

My website name – pam-palma – tells a lot about me: my name is Pamela Harig, and I live and work in Palma de Mallorca. Actually, I am German, originally from the Eifel region, and I lived my childhood and adolescence in a village at a time when living in close contact with the nature would stimulate my creativity and my manual skills in order to invent my own games and hobbies.

I then discovered a passion for the manual works, creating something with my own hands started being an important aspect of my life, although I initially addressed my passion and my education toward goldsmithing almost by chance.

While looking for a profession that could blend both my manual skills and creativity, I discovered the great attention to details required by craftsmanship and I realized that goldsmithing was perfectly matching my attitude, as a future professional as well as a person. In short, I took the chance and applied to one of the few apprenticeships available in Germany and I started my carrier.


Then, right after my college I started working at the Kalbath Goldsmith in Aachen, where I also discovered a passion for creating my own jewels from scratch. At Kalbath I started as an apprentice, and along the years I became the manager of the workshop.

After seven years of work I had built enough experience for the next steps, hence it was time to go back to school: one year of studies and I finally got the long-awaited diploma of Master Goldsmith!

The ten years spent at Kalbath were very prolific, since I could develop my skills as a goldsmith (also designing my own jewelry), as well as a specialist in stones (Kalbath’s also a stones wholesaler) and as a teacher to the new apprentices. But the time for discovering the world again has come…bags ready, one-way ticket to Mallorca in my hands, and now let’s see what it is still left to discover in life.

First steps in Mallorca

It went well, as it seemed lots of opportunities were just waiting for me. With goals well clear in mind, persistence and a bit of good luck I found a temporary job at a goldsmith in the town of Pollenca in the north of the island, and two years later I dared and made the big step ahead: opening my own workshop in Palma.

I opened the doors of my first workshop in La Lonja, initially together with a partner, right in the historical heart of the city: after weeks of dust and fights with electricians and plumbers I had my workshop, my atelier, my own space.

The jewels I offer in my website come from the collections that I developed along the years.  They are my own style and soul made jewels: always between classic and contemporary, anyway never modern, which makes them jewels for a lifespan.

However I best express myself when designing and making customized jewels. I like establishing a close relationship with the person I’m talking to, with my clients, I like capturing their nature and essence and finding for the best mix between their expectations and my style.

For best doing so, I needed a more welcoming, intimate and discreet space, where clients would have found themselves at ease and I could have spent the attention and time required for building up the best chemistry.

Hence I opened my new workshop and atelier, still in the heart of Palma downtown, a few steps away from the popular Born, and ten years later I am still here.

I’ve been in Mallorca for fifteen years now, I love this island because it’s cosmopolitan and respectful of one’s own private spaces at the same time. I love Palma for its old-fashioned style of life and its passion for arts. That’s me.

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